Char 65 r3 fire es1 r5

Name Spirit of the Navy ATK(Max lv) 1475
HP (Lv 1) 799 Cost 14
HP (Max lv) 2162 Element Fire
Max level 65 REC (Lv 1) 139
Rarity 4 ☆☆☆☆ REC (Max lv) 375
ATK (Lv 1) 571 Class Legend

Leader Skill Red Hot II - Fire Allies' ATK x1.7 and HP x1.7.
AP Skill Fireworks II
Inflicts Fire damage equal to 8 time(s) the Ally's ATK on one target.
Cost: 20 AP

Combo Name Ancient Elements Fire Band (Evolving)
Combo Property Element Bonus: All Elements Element Bonus: Fire
ATK Bonus: 5% ATK Bonus: 0%
HP Bonus: 0% HP Bonus: 19%
REC Bonus: 5% REC Bonus: 19%
Team Members Spirit of the Navy, Bo'sun Southern Sea Swashbuckler Legendary Scorpion King, Spirit of the Navy


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