• Char 2 r1 earth es0 r1

    Mermaiden's Earth Escort

  • Char 1 r1 fire es0 r1

    Mermaiden's Fire Escort

  • Char 5 r1 moon es0 r1

    Mermaiden's Moon Escort

  • Char 3 r1 sea es0 r1

    Mermaiden's Sea Escort

  • Char 4 r1 sun es0 r1

    Mermaiden's Sun Escort

  • Char 10 r2 moon es0 r2

    Breakers' Moon Totem

  • Char 9 r2 sun es0 r2

    Breakers' Sun Totem

  • Char 7 r2 earth es0 r2

    Breakers' Earth Totem

  • Char 6 r2 fire es0 r2

    Breakers' Fire Totem

  • Char 8 r2 sea es0 r2

    Breakers' Sea Totem

  • Char 12 r3 earth es0 r3

    Mountain Earth Mask

  • Char 11 r3 fire es0 r3

    Mountain Fire Mask

  • Char 15 r3 moon es0 r3

    Mountain Moon Mask

  • Char 27 r4 sun es0 r4

    Breakers' Trophy Totem

  • Char 14 r3 sun es0 r3

    Mountain Sun Mask

  • Char 13 r3 sea es0 r3

    Mountain Sea Mask

  • Char 26 r3 sun es0 r3

    Mountain Trophy Mask

  • Char 17 r4 earth es0 r4

    Ancient Aerian Earth Statue

  • Char 16 r4 fire es0 r4

    Ancient Aerian Fire Statue

  • Char 20 r4 moon es0 r4

    Ancient Aerian Moon Statue

  • Char 19 r4 sun es0 r4

    Ancient Aerian Sun Statue

  • Char 18 r4 sea es0 r4

    Ancient Aerian Sea Statue

  • Char 22 r5 earth es0 r5

    Illuminarian Earth Essence

  • Char 21 r5 fire es0 r5

    Illuminarian Fire Essence

  • Char 25 r5 moon es0 r5

    Illuminarian Moon Essence

  • Char 29 r5 sun es0 r5

    Ancient Aerian Trophy Statue

  • Char 24 r5 sun es0 r5

    Illuminarian Sun Essence

  • Char 23 r5 sea es0 r5

    Illuminarian Sea Essence

  • Char 134 r3 fire es2 r6

    Empowered Guru Golem

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