Char 125 r2 sea es0 r5

Name Bitter Knight ATK(Max lv) 336
HP (Lv 1) 91 Cost 3
HP (Max lv) 345 Element Sea
Max level 20 REC (Lv 1) 18
Rarity 2 ☆☆ REC (Max lv) 68
ATK (Lv 1) 103 Class WARRIOR

Leader Skill Turn the Tides - Sea Allies' ATK x1.2 and HP x1.2.
AP Skill Healing Waters
Transforms all Heart Orbs into Sea Orbs. (Transformed orbs can not be used to charge skill)
Cost: 10 AP

Combo Name Fire and Ice
Combo Property Element Bonus: Sea
ATK Bonus: 18%
HP Bonus: 0%
REC Bonus: 0%
Team Members Ceru Golem, Bitter Knight

Materials Needed Mermaiden's Earth Escort (1), Breakers' Sea Totem (1), Mountain Trophy Mask (1)
Evolves to Gallant Bitter Knight


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