• Char 6 r2 fire es0 r2

    Breakers' Fire Totem

  • Char 30 r1 fire es1 r2

    Pyro Breaker Champion

  • Char 35 r1 fire es1 r2

    Jolly Firotter

  • Char 40 r2 fire es0 r3

    Lava Dwarf

  • Char 45 r2 fire es0 r3

    Western Mermaiden

  • Char 50 r2 fire es0 r4

    Roto Golem

  • Char 55 r1 fire es1 r2

    Ember Prairie Dog Chief

  • Char 95 r1 fire es1 r3

    Elite Amazon Sharpshooter

  • Char 124 r2 fire es0 r5

    Fervent Knight

  • Char 129 r2 fire es0 r6

    Gabryella Flintlock

  • Char 184 r1 fire es1 r2

    Cheeky Ruby Monkey

  • Char 189 r1 fire es1 r2

    Ruby Cactus Sentinel

  • Char 194 r2 fire es0 r3

    Cobralo of the Heat

  • Char 200 r2 fire es0 r3

    Fire Artillery

  • Char 205 r2 fire es0 r3

    Fire Infantry

  • Char 210 r2 fire es0 r3

    Western Sea Swashbuckler

  • Char 215 r2 fire es0 r3

    Western Sea Corsair

  • Char 221 r2 fire es0 r3

    Blacksmith's Apprentice

  • Char 226 r2 fire es0 r3

    Inventor's Apprentice

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