• Char 24 r5 sun es0 r5

    Illuminarian Sun Essence

  • Char 28 r5 sun es0 r5

    Illuminarian Trophy Essence

  • Char 29 r5 sun es0 r5

    Ancient Aerian Trophy Statue

  • Char 63 r3 sun es2 r5

    Pirate Potentate

  • Char 68 r3 sun es2 r5

    The Sun Summoner

  • Char 73 r3 sun es2 r6

    Longsho the Thief

  • Char 78 r4 sun es1 r5

    Sir Everston Blueheart

  • Char 83 r4 sun es1 r6

    Adolescent Sandworm

  • Char 93 r5 sun es0 r6


  • Char 114 r5 sun es0 r5

    Irate Golden Octopus

  • Char 122 r5 sun es0 r5

    Young Phoenix

  • Char 127 r2 sun es3 r5

    Righteous Rough Knight

  • Char 132 r2 sun es3 r6

    Admiral Cross

  • Char 137 r3 sun es2 r6

    Sharp-Clawed Crusader

  • Char 142 r4 sun es1 r6

    Foul Elder Seabeast

  • Char 147 r3 sun es2 r5

    Mystic Jiancat

  • Char 152 r4 sun es1 r6

    Quartus Fusos

  • Char 157 r4 sun es1 r6

    Sunjumper of the Legends

  • Char 162 r4 sun es1 r6

    Representative Bellaro

  • Char 167 r5 sun es0 r6

    Goddess Raya

  • Char 172 r5 sun es0 r6

    Goddess Kealo

  • Char 177 r3 sun es2 r5

    Hooked Bluebelly Troll

  • Char 182 r3 sun es2 r5

    Ultimate Sunfueled Aeronaut

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