• Char 21 r5 fire es0 r5

    Illuminarian Fire Essence

  • Char 60 r3 fire es2 r5

    Trader Emperor

  • Char 65 r3 fire es2 r5

    Dark Spirit of the Navy

  • Char 70 r3 fire es2 r6

    Firedweller of the Legends

  • Char 75 r4 fire es1 r5

    Infernal Samurai

  • Char 80 r4 fire es1 r6

    Legendary Scorpion King

  • Char 85 r5 fire es0 r6

    Aron Aergenhoff

  • Char 90 r5 fire es0 r6

    The Guide

  • Char 102 r5 fire es0 r5

    Irate Flame Octopus

  • Char 124 r2 fire es3 r5

    Righteous Fervent Knight

  • Char 129 r2 fire es3 r6

    Gabryella the Lost

  • Char 134 r3 fire es2 r6

    Empowered Guru Golem

  • Char 139 r4 fire es1 r6

    Magi-Queen Cactus

  • Char 144 r3 fire es2 r5

    Master Dwarfdonnel

  • Char 149 r4 fire es1 r6

    Primitus Fusos

  • Char 154 r4 fire es1 r6

    King John the Liberator

  • Char 159 r4 fire es1 r6

    Representative Clay

  • Char 164 r5 fire es0 r6

    Goddess Phoenora

  • Char 169 r5 fire es0 r6

    Goddess Peetra

  • Char 174 r3 fire es2 r5

    Hooked Inferno Troll

  • Char 179 r3 fire es2 r5

    Ultimate Ace Aeronaut

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