• Char 71 r3 sea es3 r6

    Umibo of the Stars

  • Char 81 r4 sea es2 r6

    Super Mega Octomecha

  • Char 86 r5 sea es1 r6

    Madeline the Assassin

  • Char 91 r5 sea es1 r6

    Sharp Sisters

  • Char 107 r6 sea es0 r6

    Furious Chilly Octopus

  • Char 130 r2 sea es4 r6

    Ishmael the Great

  • Char 135 r3 sea es3 r6

    Escala the Destroyer

  • Char 140 r4 sea es2 r6

    Demon Pirate

  • Char 150 r4 sea es2 r6

    Secundus Et Immittam

  • Char 155 r4 sea es2 r6

    Master of Alchemy

  • Char 160 r4 sea es2 r6

    Envoy of Oceana

  • Char 165 r5 sea es1 r6

    Patron God of Oceana

  • Char 170 r5 sea es1 r6

    Patron God of Trade

  • Char 230 r3 sea es1 r5

    Queen Subaqua

  • Char 230 r3 sea es2 r5

    Mighty Queen Subaqua

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