• Char 74 r3 moon es3 r6

    Madrera of the Ether

  • Char 84 r4 moon es2 r6

    The Dark Sea Diver

  • Char 89 r5 moon es1 r6

    Kraken of Doom

  • Char 94 r5 moon es1 r6

    Umlaut the Assassin

  • Char 119 r6 moon es0 r6

    Furious Lavender Octopus

  • Char 133 r2 moon es4 r6

    Catherine the Defender

  • Char 138 r3 moon es3 r6

    Sariah of the Wildlands

  • Char 143 r4 moon es2 r6

    The Moon Summoner

  • Char 153 r4 moon es2 r6

    Quintus Et Immittam

  • Char 158 r4 moon es2 r6

    Fatima the Assassin

  • Char 163 r4 moon es2 r6

    Envoy of Montagna

  • Char 168 r5 moon es1 r6

    The Dark Hellion

  • Char 173 r5 moon es1 r6

    Patron Goddess of Unity

  • Char 229 r5 moon es1 r6

    Solange of Techra

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