• Char 70 r3 fire es3 r6

    Firedweller of the Stars

  • Char 80 r4 fire es2 r6

    Mythical Scorpion King

  • Char 85 r5 fire es1 r6

    Aron the Alchemist

  • Char 90 r5 fire es1 r6

    The Legend Guide

  • Char 103 r6 fire es0 r6

    Furious Flame Octopus

  • Char 129 r2 fire es4 r6

    Gabryella the Dreaded

  • Char 134 r3 fire es3 r6

    Ginormous Guru Golem

  • Char 139 r4 fire es2 r6

    Arch Magi-Queen Cactus

  • Char 149 r4 fire es2 r6

    Primitus Et Immittam

  • Char 154 r4 fire es2 r6

    King John the Beloved

  • Char 159 r4 fire es2 r6

    Envoy of Illuminara

  • Char 164 r5 fire es1 r6

    Patron Goddess of Illuminara

  • Char 169 r5 fire es1 r6

    Patron Goddess of Pirates

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