• Char 72 r3 earth es3 r6

    The Forest Mistress

  • Char 82 r4 earth es2 r6

    Stone Champion

  • Char 87 r5 earth es1 r6

    Arin the Alchemist

  • Char 92 r5 earth es1 r6

    Crow of the Peaks

  • Char 111 r6 earth es0 r6

    Furious Poison Octopus

  • Char 131 r2 earth es4 r6

    Baron Samuel Walton

  • Char 136 r3 earth es3 r6

    Independent Ignacious

  • Char 141 r4 earth es2 r6

    The Great Wizard Farcryer

  • Char 151 r4 earth es2 r6

    Tertius Et Immittam

  • Char 156 r4 earth es2 r6

    The Root Summoner

  • Char 161 r4 earth es2 r6

    Envoy of Fairaway

  • Char 166 r5 earth es1 r6

    Patron Goddess of Fairia

  • Char 171 r5 earth es1 r6

    Patron God of the Navy

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